A podcast exploring alternative computing histories and their relationship to society. Hosted by Camila Galaz and Ana Meisel.
Sister project of The Media Archaeology Lab at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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Graphics by Studio Jetstream, music by Nelson

4 Sep 2023
Open Call

We’re curating the next issue of the Media Archeology Lab ephemerMAL zine and have issued a call for writing and arts submissions for #4: The Myths of Information.

Using the image above from the MAL archives as inspiration, we ask you to question “what in your daily life are some myths of how technology can better your material well-being?" and "how do you challenge those myths?”

Additionally, we loved this quote from a 1982 review of the book: "technological innovations should be studied not as simple contributions to material well-being, but as interacting profoundly with the existing culture”.

If you’d like to contribute: using this image and the prompts as inspiration, send us any genre of writing (1000 words or less) or 2-D visual art (ideally sized to fit on folded letter/A4 paper). The submission email address is mediaarchaeology@colorado.edu, and the deadline is Oct. 1!

29 Mar 2023
Forthcoming Collaboration...

Excited to announce we are working as part of a research group called Superkilogirls with Lua Vollaard! More info on this to come.

Meet the authors!

Camila is a research-based visual artist, writer, and experimental filmmaker living in New York.


Ana is a UK based web developer, produces online tech courses, and runs externalpages.org.